RC3000 Series Safety Barrier Tape Reels

RC3000 Safety warning barrier tape reel.

Australian Made in Melbourne.
Available in 15M and 25M tape lengths.
Woven nylon webbing for a long working life.
Fully enclosed Heavy Duty case to protect the tape and reel mechanism.
Light weight and portable.
Non rust UV resistant polypropylene case.
Standard with Stainless Steel safety catch.
Mounting bracket and carry handle supplied.
Full range of safety tapes available
Magnetic brackets and catches available.
Steel Bollards with mounting plates available.

made from recyleable. Polypropylene.

RC3000 Series Safety Barrier Tape Reels

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RC3000 Series Safety Barrier Tape Reels

Product Code: See table below for options

RC3000 safety barrier belt reel with multiple tape options. Used for crowd control and the creation of hazard warning exclusion zones where safety issues require separation of people from and event or dangerous process. Loading and unloading of vehicles, entrances to factories, working machinery, work sites, spillages or securing unsafe areas. A versatile hazard warning system designed for a longer working life in the toughest of conditions.

  • Up to 25M of available heavy duty woven nylon webbing.
  • Tape will not snap or degrade like lighter plastic film products.
  • Printed in colour coded safety warnings.
  • Customised wording available if required.
  • the RC3000 series is on the job no matter what the conditions.
  • Entry to mine sites, outdoor operations, Road, rail, factories etc.
  • Ideal for control of lines of people in queues.
  • Magnetic bracking options availabe.
  • Steel bollards can extend the range to 50M of controled space if required using back to back reels..



Tape Diameter: 48mm Nylon Webbing tape
Tape Length: 15 or 25 Meter
Tape Fittings: Catch plate for Stainless steel safety catch supplied
Tape Wording: See Options listed below!
Tape End Options: Stainless steel safety catch, Magnetic, "D" ring and "J" hook
CodeLengthTapeTape Description
RC3000 15m Fluro Yellow
RC3000/25 25m Fluro Yellow
RC3005 15m Fluro Yellow/Black
RC3005/25 25m Fluro Yellow/Black
RC3007 15m Fluro Yellow/Black "CAUTION"
RC3007/25 25m Fluro Yellow/Black "CAUTION"
RC3010 15m Red/White
RC3010/25 25m Red/White
RC3012 15m Red/White "DANGER DO NOT ENTER"
RC3012/25 25m Red/White "DANGER DO NOT ENTER"
RC3015 15m Blue/White
RC3015/25 25m Blue/White
RC3050 15m Fluro Orange
RC3050/25 25m Fluro Orange
RC3055 15m Fluro Orange/Black
RC3200 15m Gold Yellow
RC3200/25 25m Gold Yellow
RC3205 15m Gold Yellow/Black
RC3205/25 25m Gold Yellow/Black
RC3207 15m Gold Yellow/Black "CAUTION"
RC3207/25 25m Gold Yellow/Black "CAUTION"


Carry Handle


Safety Yellow Bollard